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Datuk Dr. Hamzah Kassim

Co- Founder of The iA Group & Chairman of Hong Leong Islamic Bank

  • Dr Hamzah is the Co-Founder of The iA Group, one of the largest Malaysian business service firms specializing in large scale business and technology transformation and human capital services. He is currently, Chairman of Hong Leong Islamic Bank and Board Member of Hong Leong Chairman of Heriot Watt University Malaysia (HWUM), Advisory Panel of PNB Research Institute (PNBRi). He was also the Board member of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), CEO Faculty and Adjunct Professor of University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), Advisory Board of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Panel Pemilihan Naib Cancelor Universiti Awam, MOE. Dr Hamzah is currently involved in developing digital start up and entrepreneurship with emerging companies.
  • Prior to The iA Group, he was the former Executive Director/Partner of international firm of Ernst & Young, Vice President and Country Head of the global consulting firm of Cap Gemini and member of the global management team and Country Head of PA Consulting Dr Hamzah specializes in large scale institutional and business transformation, working across several sectors with established organizations ranging from banks to telecommunication companies and public institutions. He works with CEOs, board members and national leaders in bringing about public policy reforms and business transformation. Dr Hamzah was also member of the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) to draft the New Economic Model from 2009 to 2011 with the objective of accelerating the economic transformation of Malaysia.
  • Before joining the private sector, Dr Hamzah held various senior positions in government namely, research organisations including Director of Science and Technology, MOSTI developing and implementing public policy on science and technology development, R&D funding and innovation. He also served as a member of expert/advisory groups in various national and international organizations such as UNCTAD and Islamic Development Bank Jeddah.

En Azmir Jaafar


  • Azmir Jaafar holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia, USA, before attaining a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Bath, UK.
  • He joined McDonald’s Malaysia as a management trainee in 1993 and a year later moved to restaurant development department, leading the team until 2004. Under his stewardship, McDonald’s Malaysia recorded a string of achievements including acknowledgement as benchmark for Drive-Thru best practices for emerging markets in the APMEA region. During the same period, Azmir was also responsible for the growth of the restaurant base exceeding 300 per
  • In 2005, Azmir was appointed as General Manager & Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia. Together with his leadership team, Azmir set an aggressive goal of doubling the business within five years. During this exciting period of expansion, McDonald’s Malaysia accelerated its restaurant openings, franchising, and deployment of multiple brand extensions that resulted in double-digit sales growth.
  • Following his success in Malaysia, Azmir was assigned to McDonald’s China in 2009 to assume the position of Vice-President/Chief Development Officer where he helped open more than 1,100 restaurants within five years, implemented the new design concept at more than 60 per cent of its restaurants, opened 500 McCafes, and tripled Drive-Thru Restaurants to more than 250 restaurants. Prior to his return to Malaysia, Azmir led the McDonald’s business in the Middle East region, in partnership with its local developmental licensees.
  • Azmir reassumed the position of Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia in 2015. He was successful in turning around the restaurant chain’s year-on-year business performance in the country. Under his direction, McDonald’s Malaysia has recorded four years of double digit same store sales & guest count growth. The company recorded its highest guest count & sales per restaurant in 2018.
  • With a steadfast belief that a company needs to have its finger on the pulse of community, Azmir introduced Community Month – Komuniti@McD & RMHC – in 2017. The ‘Back-to-School’ programme, which is one of the initiatives under Community Month, has seen 23,000 Malaysian school children in 2017 and 2018 receiving school packs worth a total of nearly RM3
  • Anugerah Guru Inspirasi McDonald’s is another endeavor helmed by Azmir since 2016. It is an initiative to honour the nation’s most inspiring teachers in conjunction with national Teachers’ Day celebrations. The programme is one of the initiatives under the Ministry of Education’s collaboration programme with McDonald’s
  • In terms of halal credentials, McDonald’s Malaysia is the first quick service restaurant in the country to receive halal certification back in the early ‘90s. Azmir works very closely with McDonald’s Malaysia’s Internal Halal Committee, which was set up in 2013, a firm pledge to adhere by the highest halal standards.

Syed Muhamad bin Syed Abdul Kadir, Ph.D


DATE OF BIRTH : 3rd February 1947
PLACE OF BIRTH : Batu Pahat, Johor
AGE : 72
SEX : Male
IC NO : 470203 – 01 – 5429
TEL NO. : 013 – 367 8088
2012 : Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom
2011 : Member of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom
2009 : Admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya




Master of Law (Corporate Law) UiTM (Completed in 2009, Conferred in 2010)
2008 : Certificate of Legal Practice
2005 : B. Jurisprudence (Hons.) University of Malaya
1986 : Ph. D (Business Management)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
USA (Virginia Tech)
1977 : Master of Business Administration
University of Massachusetts, USA
1974 : Certificate of Project Planning
University of Bradford, England
1973 : Diploma in Management Science
National Institute of Public Administration
1971 : B.A. (Hons.) University of Malaya
2001 : Setia Mahkota Johor (SMJ)
2000 : Panglima Jasa Negara (PJN)
1999 : Johan Mangku Negara (JMN)
1982 : Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN)
16.08.2000 – 02.02.2003 : Secretary General
Ministry of Human Resource
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Deputy Secretary General (Operations)
Ministry of Finance
01.07.1997 – 31.08.1999 : Secretary
Tax Analysis Division
Ministry of Finance
01.07.1995 – 30.06.1997 : Executive Director
Board of Director Asian Development Bank
Manila, Philippines
01.07.1993 – 30.06.1995 : Alternative Executive Director
Board of Directors Asian Development Bank
Manila, Philippines
01.11.1991 – 30.06.1993 : Deputy Secretary (Foreign and Domestic Borrowing,
Debt Management) Finance Division
Federal Treasury
01.11.1988 – 30.10.1991 : Secretary
Higher Education Division
Ministry of Education
01.04.1988 – 31.10.1988 : Deputy Director (Academic)
National Institute of Public Administration
07.08.1986 – 31.03.1988 : Head
Management Development Centre
National Institute of Public Administration
10.06.1977 – 31.07.1982 : Programme Coordinator
National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)
02.05.1973 – 27.08.1975 : Senior Project Officer
School of Financial Management
National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)
01.01.2019 – Present : i-VCAP Management Sdn Bhd
20.02.2018 – Present : Asia Capital Reinsurance Malaysia Sdn Bhd
01.01.2016 – Present : ValueCap Sdn Bhd
20.01.2015 – Present : Avicennia Capital Sdn Bhd
25.08.2014 – Present : Orissa Wicomm (M) Sdn Bhd
13.05.2013 – Present : Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad
13.05.2013 – Present : Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad
11.12.2012 – Present : Malakoff Corporation Berhad**
22.04.2009 – Present : ACR ReTakaful Berhad**
1.12.2008 – 25.05.2018 : CIMB Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd
28.12.2006 – Present : BSL Corporation Berhad**
15.11.2006 – 24.07.2016 : CIMB Middle East BSC
09.03.2005 – 27.04.2017 : CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad
08.04.2004 – 30.06.2016 : CIMB Bank Berhad
01.10.2004 – Present : Euro Holdings Berhad**
10.06.2004 – Present : Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad**
09.07.2003 – Present : SMIB Cycleworld Ventures Sdn Bhd***
*       Meeting monthly
**     Meeting quarterly
*** Meeting as and when required
01.12.2000 – 02.02.2003 : National Institute of Public Administration Council
01.09.2000 – 02.02.2003 : National Productivity Centre
01.09.2000 – 02.02.2003 : Employees Provident Fund
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Pos Malaysia Berhad
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Malayan Railways
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Telekom Malaysia Berhad
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : University of Malaya
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Telekom Applied Business Sdn Bhd
01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Menara Kuala Lumpur
18.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Perusahaan Automobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON)
01.08.1997 – 31.08.1999 : Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Authority
01.08.1997 – 01.09.1999 : International Islamic University
01.08.1997 – 31.08.1999 : Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
Sept 1991 – 30.06.1993 : Handicraft Development Corporation
1990 – 30.06.1993 : Yayasan Pelajaran MARA
1989 – 30.06.1993 : Malaysian – American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE)
11.12.2012 – Present Malakoff Corporation Berhad

–          Chairman, Audit Committee

–          Member, Board Nomination Remuneration Committee

–          Member, Board Risk Investment Committee

27.07.2006 – 30.06.2014 : CIMB Group Holdings Berhad – Member Nomination Committee
01.10.2004 – Present : Euro Holdings Berhad – Chairman, Audit Committee
10.06.2004 – Present : Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad – Chairman, Audit Committee
23.11.2003 – 13.09.2006 : Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad

–          Credit Approval Committee of the Board

–          Chairman, Nomination Committee

–          Chairman, Remuneration

01.09.1999 – 15.08.2000 : Audit Committee of Telekom Malaysia Berhad

18.09.1997 – 15.08.2000



Audit Committee of Perusahaan Automobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON)
July 1995 – June 1997 : Audit Committee of Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Dec 1991 – 30.06.1993 : Executive Committee of Handicraft Development Corporation
1991 : Published Dissertation “A Study on Board of Directors and Organizational Effectiveness” by Garland Publisher, Inc (ISBN 0-153-0779-9)
15.10.2002 : HRD Policies in the next decade




Report of the Working Committee on Human Resource, Education and Immigration




Creating a Learning Workforce to meet the Challenges of Globalization
28.02.2002 : Dasar Buruh Negara dan Pasaran Buruh
18.02.2002 : Human Resource Development and Life long Learning
23.10.2001 – 24.10.2001 : HRD Policy Framework for a K-Economy




Mobilizing Talent in the Competitive Economy: How Malaysia Can Prevent Brain Drain but Attract and Retain Talent
03.10.2001 : Responding to the Challenges of Globalization and Liberalization on Human Resources Imperatives
27.08.2001 – 28.08.2001 : Embracing the K-Economy: The Framework for Malaysia Economic Transformation
25.07.2001 : Human Resource Development for ICT
28.06.2001 – 30.06.2001 : Human Resource Development for K-based Economy
1992 : Finance, Economic and Trade on Environment and Development
1989 : New Dimensions in Higher Education in Malaysia


: Decentralization of Training Programmes to the Operating Departments
1987 : Empirical Study on Human Resource Planning and Development for

Standard Institution of Malaysia (SIRIM) – Co Author






Manpower Planning – The Malaysian Public Service for Fourth ASEAN Conference on Reforms in the Civil Service – Co Author

2001 : Member of the National Committee on Business Competitiveness; and Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Human Resources, Education and Immigration
1998 : Member of the Special Committee of the Islamic Development Bank to Study the Role of Organization of Islamic Countries
1986 : Resource person in appraising the graduate program (Master Program) in Management of the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
1978 – 1979

(3 weeks for each year)

: Visiting Fellow Institute of Social and Administration Studies University of the South Pacific Suva, Fuji

(3 months)

: Visiting Fellow Research Institute of Management Science Delft, The Netherlands